Consulting Is What Do, This Is Who We Are

Our Basic Beliefs

We Believe in People and their Dreams.

We Believe in the Power of Personal Responsibility.

We Believe in having the Courage to  Act with Integrity.

Our Mission

To be strategic, valuable business partners for all business owners so that they may define and achieve their American Dream.

Our Vision

To make real  world experience and expertise available to the entire small business community.

Acting In Accordance with Our Principles

Entrepreneurial Spirit

4 Key Consulting was founded on the belief that businesses are formed by passionate individuals who have a distinct, defined vision of success.  Instead of trying to re-define your vision, we commit to using our 4 Key Approach to not only keep your vision at the forefront of what we do, but also to ensure that solutions we recommend or implement are solutions you are comfortable with.  Without your buy in, almost no solution will have a lasting impact.  It's important to us that our solutions are consistent with your vision, so that your vision becomes reality.  

Individualized Approach

     At 4 Key Consulting, we aim to understand you and your business first.  Every business is unique and not every challenge can be solved the same way.  We use a proven, dynamic approach to identify specific root cause issues.  Only then can we begin to analyze and develop solutions that make sense for your specific needs. We don't believe in "cookie cutter' solutions and we have a controlled growth business strategy that limits the number of active clients we maintain at any given time.  This means that your and your business won't get lost in the crowd.

A Partner in Pursuit

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the pride you have in your business and the sacrifices you make to ensure your business thrives.  We also understand that  while you have a strong desire to succeed there may be times you lack the resources, the expertise or the time to address the various challenges that arise on your journey to success.  This is why we treat every client as an individual and a partner.  We understand that our reputation and future success is directly linked to your satisfaction with our service, therefore we hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of delivering results with the utmost integrity.

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